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No shounen manga this week, because JAPANESE GOVERNMENT.


It seems there’s not going to be any major shounen manga releases this week, because the Japanese government is cracking down on “early” manga releases.

From what I understand, the manga “raws” that we get major scanned + translated manga releases from are copies that are put on shelves several days too early (basically some bookstore owner would get boxes of Weekly Shōnen Jump, and put copies up on shelves on Wednesday as soon as they get them, even though they’re not supposed to go up until the following Monday).

Now, the Japanese government could probably go and do something about the other problems facing Japanese society, such as Japan’s declining birthrate, violence against homeless people in Japan’s capital city,  prolific gambling addictions, the increasing number of households going on welfare, etc., but it seems that they’ve decided to spend time and Japanese taxpayer money to target that great social ill of our time, which is… manga being sold five days too early.

I’m sure the citizens of Japan can rest easy, knowing that their politicians are hard at work protecting their interests. Meanwhile, I suppose we can just wait another 5 days to see whether or not a certain rabbit goddess escapes Team Seven’s ultimate curbstomp-no-jutsu, or to discover the fate of all-around ladies man and shotacon-bait Captain Toshiro Hitsu-playa.

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twelve days of snk: favorite male character

↳ armin arlert

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We had to kind of egg him on to swing, to hit the pitch sometimes. It wasn’t that he was afraid of the ball, just that he didn’t want to miss. He didn’t want to fail.

—Terry Condo, Eric Harris’ former coach

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He's a living ghost

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literally me

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Informal infographic depicting evolution 

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